Are you frustrated that your Pinterest for Business account is underperforming? This is most of my clients complaint! The first thing I do in complete an audit to see if they have optimized their account for SEO. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is how Pinterest indexes your Pinterest account’s content so your content can be found. Here are my top six Pinterest SEO Tips.

  1. Create a keyword master list. Use the Pinterest search bar to see what keywords are being searched for by pinners. Write these keyword phrases down or add them to a spreadsheet.
  2. Create a profile that had several of your keyword phrases in it. Keywords should go In your board titles, board descriptions, pin titles, pin descriptions and any text overlay that is on your pin graphic.
  3. Add one or 2 two keywords to your user name.

4. Create Fresh Pins. Pinterest now favors new pins and fresh content. You can recycle an old blog post or product with a fresh image, but Pinterest knows that they URL has been used before.

5. Video Pins!! Pinterest favors video pins now over static pins. Create a short video of your product in action or a behind the scenes of your day and create a pin for it.

6. Create vertical pins. You should create pins that are a 2:3 Ratio. I use canva and the Pinterest pins template are already created for the 2:3 ratio for easy pin creation.

Apply these six tips to your Pinterest, you will start to see growth with your account!

I have created a Mini course that will teach you how to find your keywords, where to apply them and how to use trends. You can get the course by clicking the link below.

If offer 1:1 Strategy and coaching sessions along with groups coaching and monthly management. I

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