When you think of Pinterest, do you think of recipes and DIY crafts? I did too until I started my Etsy shop and was looking for ways to promote it. Hello Pinterest!! I soon discovered that my traffic was coming in mainly from Pinterest, despite posting on Instagram and Facebook twice as often. The thing I love most about Pinterest is the life of a pin can last years!! Here are a few reasons Pinterest is a great marketing tool for your business.

  1. Pins can reach beyond your followers. Having a lot of followers certainly doesn’t hurt, but with a properly optimized account, your reach goes much further.
  2. Pins can last for years! Some pins go viral the next year after you pin them, especially if they are seasonal.
  3. Pin fresh content that solves a problem for your ideal client and they will click your pin to move to your website.
  4. Pinterest is the top of your funnel. You can direct the Pinner to your website, email list or social media pages where you can nurture them to purchase from you in the future.
  5. Pinterest is FREE!! You don’t have to invest in ads unless you want to! If you content is valuable and your account is optimized properly, you do not have to spend money to get your content seen!

These are just a few of the reasons that I love using Pinterest for my business. Taking the time to learn the ends and outs of Pinterest is worth it in the long run when using Pinterest for your marketing. If you need help with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy, I can help! I now offer a 1:1 Strategy and Coaching session to get you started in the right direction. This is great if you do not have time to research and develop a Pinterest Strategy. Book by clicking here.

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