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Starting up a Pinterest account can seem time consuming and overwhelming. Remember that done is better than perfect! Start one board at a time and get your account optimized first. I have listed 5 tips to get you started.

  1. Research your keywords for Etsy and Pinterest. You’ve set your Etsy shop up for SEO and now you will do the same for Pinterest. If you plan to pin directly from Etsy to Pinterest, you need to be sure that the keywords that you are using in your Etsy titles are also keywords that are you will be using in your board and pin titles. I recommend taking your Etsy master keyword list and creating one for Pinterest with the word that apply. If you need help with Optimizing your Pinterest account, check out my mini course bundle .
  2. Have enough product in your shop to be able to pin daily. If you have limited products in your shop, you can create multiple listings of the same product using different titles. This will give you more URLs to work with. 
  3. Use multiple poses for your product. This will allow you to create more Fresh Pins. New image with new URL is a higher-ranking Fresh Pin than a new image with a URL that has already been pinned. 
  4. Develop a landing page that connects to a coupon code so you can grow your email list. I like mailerlite because you get 5 landing pages for free. You can use my affiliate link to sign up for mailerlite.
  5. Use video of your products! This is the most important one with the current Pinterest algorithm change. Video pins are being favored now over static pins. 

Optimizing your account with keywords is the key to growing your account. I am happy to help anyone that needs it. If you would like help knowing where to get started, I have a mini audit that can point you in the right direction. You can sign up here.

Happy Pinning!